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and take into actions that she did, that shooter had the capability of killing much more in this tragedy would have been far worse if it wasn't for her heroic actions, so, i think that that loss certainly is extremely heart felt and we're saddened, but in the other instance, it gives me great pleasure to know that she did what she was supposed to do and when we talk about these types of things, in our wildest dreams did we ever think that the conversation that her and i actually had would unfold into reality and then causing the loss of her life. she's truly a hero today. >> dave: we mention you're the first selectmen in woodbury and how is your community coming together around this tragedy? >> the first thing when this was unfolding was sheer shock and then it was horror and then it goes into heart break and as a community, we're coming together and we're all talking, we're grieving and trying to make some sense of the senseless and we're strong, we're a small community and we'll come together and get through this. >> dave: is there anything you need? i think so many people ask us what
. and sitting at the table the senate and president are missing in action. >> alisyn: it's the president's address this weekend where i heard him sound the most definitive. he sounds like he will not budge on that $250,000 line for families and for businesses. there is he been a the lot of talk, will he raise it to a million. >> half a million. >> half a million? he said on this i am not willing to budge. >> and he has an election to back him up and polls to back him up. the polls show 6 5% of americans go ahead and tax the rich. >> clayton: and questions whether we'd go back to the clinton era, 37 somewhere? at the end of the day the point what mr. forbes was saying, if the president does nothing, yes, the taxes go back up to those previous rates and also, defense gets cuts. forget about, we're not talking see questions station much, b -- sequestration? >> did you see what's happening in california, maybe that should be a barometer. tax increases in the state of california and raise revenue and look at the revenues have not gone up. >> a lot of republicans see california and americans,
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to the katherine herridge's report, was there any action on that, why didn't they ask for more security at the time and hillary clinton of course still suffering from a concussion or recovering from a concussion and hasn't been able to answer that, but she will in testimony coming up. >> kelly: the bottom line, something definitely was wrong, they didn't follow up on the needs of the people there at the consulate at benghazi. this was on 9/11 and on 9/11 you've got to have security and first, one question will be asked, why were they there to begin with on such a traumatic or stressful day as 9/11 for americans throughout the world. so, when you have al-qaeda already targeting soft targets like our embassies, they should have never been there to begin with. >> alisyn: and hillary clinton had to miss her testimonial day because she had to fell and had a concussion. i was reading this morning, she will testify this january, i hadn't read this definitively before. this is on talk radio's website and she'll testify in january, so more answers are forth coming no doubt. meanwhile, let's get to the head
because of obama care? >> in 37 actions 38 thu had-- 3 37 they had a bubble. the year after the election it popped. we are doing our bubble right now. coming up a pop that would mean further unemployment. they had a downturn, this is the bubbly period. that's what the fed was doing when it put money into the economy prior to the election. they had a benefit for the election. interest rates are so low many people would say we are in a bubble. sounds strange because we don't feel so bubbly. outside of the u.s. they would say we are too easy sloshing with money or the bubble is inflated, pop. >> stock market uneasy as we await this fiscal cliff. >> check out the new book coolidge when it hits stores. >> coming up look at this shocking statistic. autism effects 1 out of 88 children. there's no cure for it. we don't really know what's causing it, do we? we want to know what is being done to fight it. washington needs to find the answers on this. he will be here next. a shocking tragedy in the nfl a kansas city chief linebacker kills his girlfriend and himself right in front of the coaches at
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)